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Old Mine Cut Diamonds

The term 'Old Mine Cut' relates to diamonds that originated from the 'old mines' of Brazil and India. This is where the majority of diamonds were mined, before Africa became the diamond center we know today.

The old mine cut diamond is an antique diamond that was prevalent from the mid-1800s until the early-1900s. These diamonds were the principal stones during the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods.

These diamonds have noticeable features such as; their bulky uneven shape, the eye-visible culet, and the tiny table. The uneven shape of the diamonds is due to them being hand cut by trained diamond cutters. These diamond cutters cared less about saving the total carat weight of the diamonds, and more about maximising glow and shine; resulting in beautiful stones that cannot be replicate today.

Each old mine cut diamond is unique in it own right, no other stone will match their dimensions.

Imagine the stories they could tell, having been worn and cherished by previous owners over the last 100+ years.

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